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Social Media Analyst


Social Media Analyst 

About the Job


If you love social media and are an active user, now is the time to get paid for your time on social media platforms!  Social Media Evaluators with Appen evaluate the quality and relevance of information in your local area or country of residence in categories such as news feeds, advertisements and search results.  Tech companies around the world need the knowledge and experience of the very people who use their services.  Social Media Evaluators have a direct impact on the effectiveness and relevancy of the service these companies provide. 


The Social Media Evaluator is a work from home opportunity where all you need is a computer or smartphone and the desire to make a positive impact while working in the social media platforms you enjoy. 


These are entry level positions and Social Media Evaluators can learn new technologies and receive income just by having the experience of participating in social media. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a Appen’s rapidly growing global Social Media Evaluation Team providing critical data for the world’s top internet search engine companies!


Work Schedule:

·The Social Media Evaluator positions are flexible, part-time and only require between 1 and 4 hours a  day with your choice of 5 to 7 days a week up to 20 hours a week! 

Characteristics for Success:

·Have the ability and desire to work from home doing internet based work within social media platforms

·Active user on social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram

·Good English spelling skills

·Possess a basic level of computer and/or smart phone operational knowledge

·Ability and willingness to comprehend and follow instructions independently

·Experience as freelancer or other work from home opportunities



·Dependent upon project 

About us

Appen is an award-winning organization. Our people help leading technology companies expand into new global markets. With capability in over 150 languages, Appen's global network of specialists and in-country virtual teams work together to ensure new products and technologies operate in all the languages our clients need. Whether our clients need help for in-vehicle speech recognition technology, improving search engine performance or building translation software, Appen delivers.


We have an opportunity for those looking for a flexible way to plug into improving social media and work with some of the biggest names in the industry while earning some extra cash. People in our crowd working on this project tend to like it best because of the freedom to do most of the work on the go from their phone, the interesting work, and the opportunity to make an impact while gaining insight to how technology companies improve their content. If these are the things that drive you and you meet the below requirements, we invite you to apply to start the process toward an exciting opportunity working in Appen's crowd.

Social Media Evaluators will need to commit to work 1 flexible hour a day, 5 days per week. Once accepted for a project, you must meet consistent quality standards. Superior performance will make you eligible for additional projects. Apply today so we can start the process of qualifying you for a project ASAP!